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Health & Wealth has taken up an ambitious 'Health care Venture' to offer integrated Electro- Magnetic Radiation (EMR) safety solutions through a wide range of products like High-tech Mobile Chips, Heart Guards, Mobile Covers, Mobile Pouches and other accessories.

We also intend to develop futuristic and innovative EMR safety products like Radiation Safe Cosmetics, Apparels, Home Appliances, Building Materials and Industrial uniforms for the Civil, Defense, Medical and Industrial applications.We also offer consultancy services for generating mass awareness against the adverse health hazards related to EMR like Cancer, Brain Tumor, Infertility, Heart attacks etc.

Health & Wealth material are extensively researched and come from varied set of experts from various sectors..

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  • Environmentalists yesterday urged mobile phone manufactures to clearly label the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of their products for customers looking to purchase low-radiation exposure phones.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) surround us every time we use any electronic devices. EMFs are a grave electro-pollution health problem. Learn about emf cell phone radiation and protection measures.
  • Support the Campaign for Safer Cell Phones! Brought to you by Environmental Health Trust
  • WASHINGTON: A new study has revealed that electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may adversely affect bone strength. Men who routinely wear their cellphones on their belt on the right side


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Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health &Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth
Welcome To Health & Wealth

Fasted Achiver

    1. Pappu Ram Splender Pro
    2. Uma Singh LCD
    3. Sanjay Kumar LG TV. "21"
    4. Amruddin LG TV. "14"
    5. Momchandi LG TV "14"
    6. Amruddin Silai Mach.
    7. Saroj Devi DVD
    8. Momchandi. DVD
    9. Dhorhan DVD
    10. Birma Devi DVD
    11. Sanjay Kumar Gass Stove
    12. Mahboob Khan Intex air Bed
    13. Amruddin Water Purit
    14. Jagat Singh Water Purit
    15. Saroj Devi Water Purit
    16. Mohd. Sakir Hussain Water Purit
    17. Uma Singh Trolly Bag
    18. Nasir Khan Tie
    19. Tarif Tie
    20. Sandhya Tie
    21. Om Wati Devi Tie
    22. Amruddin Gass Stove
    23. Mahboob Khan Intex Air Bed
    24. Deepak Saini Intex Air Bed
    25. Khalid Hussin Trolly Bag
    26. Nanak Chand Water Purit
    27. Amruddin Tie
    28. Khurshid Ahmed Tie
    29. Razeena Tie
    30. Nasir Khan Tie
    31. Puran Mal Tie
    32. S.Tajender Tie
    33. Rajesh Kumari Tie
    34. Sanjay Kumar NOKIA MOBILE
    35. Mahboob NOKIA MOBILE
    36. Firdosh Begum NOKIA MOBILE
    37. Khalid Hussain NOKIA MOBILE
    39. Navi Khan Dry iron
    40. Taahir Dry iron
    41. Majid Dry iron
    42. Yasin Khan Dry iron
    43. Zabir Hussain Dry iron
    44. Sahun Dry iron
    45. Hamid Hussain Dry iron
    46. Shookin F.R.N Dry iron
    47. Yasin Khan Dry iron
    48. Rajan Dry iron
    49. Ishlami Dry iron
    50. Haseena Dry iron